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13 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. 1
    Silver Says:

    İ have still installed your plugin “WPcareers”. but i have 2 matter with that:

    1-In the registration form when ckliking the register link then appear a form with an confirmation submit. But the confirmation image has not appear in the page. How can fix the problem?

    2-When i register whit my current login than there appear an “My Profile” link across to wp-dashboard, i want that the users can not step on the dashboard, only stay on the front page. How will be change the this?

    Can you support it for this plugin. When you should fix the problems can you send me the improvements.


  2. 2
    Mohammad Says:


    Thanks for your feedback 😉
    I fixed the problem. You can download the plugin from and replace the include/jp_functions.php file.
    Give me a feedback if problem still exists.

    -> i want that the users can not step on the dashboard
    Ok, but how can the user change his profile and the password?


  3. 3
    finid Says:

    Nice plugin. One feature that I think will be really nice is to have the option for paid postings by employers or agencies. In other words, a avenue for the Web master to monitize their site.

    Something like SimplyHired.


  4. 4
    longjohn Says:

    How do I edit the fields on the registration, ie remove certain fields or just change them around

  5. 5
    Elena Coen Says:

    So far this looks great as a job portal solution. I will need to convert all to Spanish but don’t anticipate that being such a problem.

    I have some questions before getting into it:

    1- Can I add/remove fields? Is it easy to apply something beyond text fields, such as drop-downs, radio buttons, etc.?

    2- Can I have it set so that admin must approve all postings?

    3- Is there a way to nicely display jobs/resume profiles in a sortable table?

  6. 6
    bhanu Says:

    Hello sir,

    Have installed the WPCareer plugin related your Jportal also. My queries i need to install the Multilingual language. Its possible how can put the language menu that mean like widget. When i click the Widget link that i am show the No side bar defined. What i will do please help me i should install language.

  7. 7
    Stanley Says:

    Hi, Love you work..but i cant install the plugin, cos whenever i try to to activate the plugin i get this error:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: date_default_timezone_set() in V:\Core\htdocs\godstar\wp-content\plugins\wpcareers\jp_control.php on line 119

    Pls what do i do as urgently need this plugin to work.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  8. 8
    Puja Says:


    the function date_default_timezone_set() will be supported in PHP 5.1.0

    You can change to setting by putenv:

  9. 9
    Khurrum Says:

    I have a project to discuss. Please let me have your direct contact. all the best

  10. 10
    Skender Says:

    I use the ODLins plugin, and it is great. One thing I would like to have is to check the links if are broken. Do you plan to add such feature to the plugin?


    thanks for your feedback.
    done!!. please checkout and replace the file odl_posts.php from SVN.

  11. 11
    adam Says:

    salam) how are you !? help me please !i have problem withe your plugin odlink ! when i add category in the Arabic show me only ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ i cant write in the language Arabic.
    i am Arab , i am from Yemen .i can translate your plugin to Arabic . tell me how write in Arabic , then i will translate all your plugin .
    or creat file to Language Arabic , i will continue translate ! thanks .i wait your answer

    Salam,thanks for your interest
    you can simpaly open and edit the file /wpcareers/trunk/language/lang_en.php
    and save to the lang_ar.php

    $lang[‘_OR’] = “أو”;
    $lang[‘_CAT’] = “تصنيف :”;
    $lang[‘_CHARMAX’] = “أقصى عدد حروف”;
    $lang[‘_SURNAME’] = “أسم :”;
    $lang[‘_VALIDATE’] = “تحقق”;
    $lang[‘_SELECTYPE’] = “اختر نوع الإعلان”;


  12. 12
    Andie Says:

    Great piece of work. Just what the doctor ordered. However, after installing WPCareers 1.1.2-c downloaded from on WordPress 3.4.1, I get double page on the site. Can’t find the fix. Any ideas.

  13. 13
    Bob Atkinson Says:


    Does your WPCareers product support paid job postings and resume/job seeker postings?

    Thanks …

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